An Automated Handbag Knitter (nearly!)    

An Automated Handbag Knitter (nearly!)

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Claire Nixon of Lana Knitting recently commissioned an automated knitting system from Labman Automation. As a local company she met some of the Labman team and expressed an interest in being able to add some automation to her trusty but manual Empisal Knitmaster knitting machine. Her business provides knitted handbags to the world’s haut couture.

With the masterful aid of Lucas Stanley, an engineer from Cranbrook School in Kent, an extremely inexpensive but highly functional addition to her machine was devised. With a single belt axis, a 12v DC gear motor and some latching double pole, double throw guitar foot pedal switches he had the problem cast off.


Claire now hopes to get some serious miles of weave through her knitting machine. All being well the initial simple device can be enhanced as the business develops. Soon every fashion conscious lady will be stroking the soft wool of a handbag made with the help of a Yorkshire robot.


Lana Knitting Machine

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  • By Jo Batey 04 Apr 2014

    I met Claire at an event in Middlesbrough, so heard first hand how limiting the manual machine was to business. Also how expensive and space consuming the automated systems on the market are, especially for a small business just starting up. As such I think what Labman have done to support, automating and increasing the throughput on Claire’s existing machine, is highly commendable. I hope it enables Claire to reduce her production costs and make a real success of her business! Jo

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