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Golf gets a great reaction at Fitted UK show

John Hesford Uncategorized

The Golf had a different audience at the car show, Fitted UK, on the 31st July, when it was put on display in Manchester. The weekend was a fantastic opportunity for people to have a closer look at the race car and see the work that has gone into it.


The show was also a great chance to promote Labman in front of a different crowd – lots of whom are photographers and like to publish their pictures on various sites online.


The car got a positive reaction, and with a great spot in the middle of the hall, there was plenty of room for photos. Shows like these generally focus on modified road cars, but the Golf was popular as it was very different to the other cars.


The car received a lot of publicity from the event, with pictures and videos being posted on social media to an audience of more than 90,000. The car will be displayed at similar events throughout the year, gaining more exposure to larger crowds.


Currently the car is still undergoing upgrades for the next round at Lydden Hill on bank holiday Monday for Round 6 of the MSA British Rallycross Championship. We hope to see you there.