Labman take Delivery of new Tekcel EXR 3m x 2m CNC Router

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This week has seen Labman take delivery of their most recent state of the art piece of manufacturing equipment, to add to an already extensive range of machine tools. The Tekcel EXR allows the engineers and technicians here at Labman to produce complex parts that meet high standards by creating CNC programs direct from Solidworks models.

The router benefits from a 17-position automated tool rack for multiple tooling operations and intelligent electronic tool sensing technology. This coupled with a high pressure vacuum bed, to hold materials in place without the need for clamps, greatly decreases the set up time for a job.

By introducing the router into Labman, we’ve increased productivity and minimised the time spent producing components. We have also significantly reduced material waste via sophisticated ‘wrapping’ software which allows the user to maximise material usage by optimising component positioning. The router also allows us to benefit from consistent high quality and repeatability.

Delivery and commissioning of the equipment went smoothly, albeit the weather could have been a little more forgiving.

IMG_5992 (Medium)

Not only should the router prove to be a great investment for Labman, it will also allow our employees to produce any amount of toys, models, and parts for their own personal projects! Watch this space…!