Advanced Formulation System    :  High throughput liquids and powder formulation with online measurement and temperature control

LABMAN has delivered an automated formulation system to a UK based industry leader in order to streamline their development of new products and ingredients. The system allows their scientists to rapidly build formulations consisting of many steps in any combination required.

Formulations can consists of any combination of liquid dispenses, powder additions, water dispenses, mixing using multiple topologies, pH measurement and automated adjustment, viscosity measurement and automated adjustment, delays, timers and temperature control.

This system uses new and leading technologies to deliver a robust platform that can be used in very flexible ways by its operators. Its flexibility allows it to run in ways that best optimise the samples being formulated or tested. The system can be used to formulate new raw ingredients that can be used as raw materials additions, to make full or partial formulations, or to measure existing samples for categorisation and calibration.

Advanced Formulation System (JEFF) Full System1


  • Capacity for 24, 1 litre formulation pots
  • 26 liquid dispensing modules with capacity for 2kg of material per dispenser (0-500g with 0.1mg resolution and 10mg dispense accuracy)
  • Heated liquid dispensers for hot melt materials
  • Stirred liquid dispensers for suspended solid materials
  • 10 powder dispensing modules (0-20g with 0.1mg resolution and 1mg dispense accuracy)
  • Interchangeable dispense nozzles for increased configurability of dispense tolerances and behaviour
  • Modular reactor module design allows easy servicing of system components and ability to expand and upgrade system functionality
  • Multiple selectable water sources and addition (0-500g +/- 0.1g)
  • Automatic de-capping, capping and labelling of formulation pots
  • Multiple mixing topologies with foam detection for complete mixing control
  • Sample viscosity measurement with a configurable sample measurement range
  • pH measurement and automated probe storage
  • Sample temperature control (10-100oC +/- 0.5oC) with rapid adjustment rates
  • Data integration with existing laboratory data management systems.
  • Hand-held tablet control and touch-screen main control station
  • State of the art safety system and enclosure
  • Off line run set up and analysis
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