Automated Light Transmission System    :  A system for the centre for process innovation in Sedgefield for measuring the turbidity of samples in vials

This bespoke standalone automated system has been designed for the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in Sedgefield. The unit stands on vibration dampening rubber feet, however, castors can be deployed, making the system fully mobile to be moved between labs. The system analyses the turbidity of liquids, and the stability of suspended particles over time.
To assess the turbidity, a fiber-optic sensor gauges the light transmission through the samples using a 650nm LED beam. To ensure a high level of accuracy and repeatability, high-end ball screw axes have been used to move the sensors between the vials in the robot. The vial racks are manually loaded by the operator and can accommodate multiple vial types. The purpose-designed racks can hold up to 192 vials, and they ensure that the vials are aligned vertically for optimal light transmission. The robot can analyse up to 180 vials per hour.


  • Can scan more than 12 vials per minute.
  • Compatible with multiple vial types.
  • Red 4-element 650nm LED sensor.
  • User friendly software interface.
  • Experiments can be added and removed with ease.
  • Mobile for transportation between laboratories.
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