Benchtop Powder Feeding System for Biomass Preparation    :  A benchtop system developed for weighing extremely precise measurements of plant biomass.

Benchtop Powder Feeding System for Biomass Preparation

This bespoke bench top system has been designed for precise weighing of plant biomass samples. The robot is loaded with 96 input tubes containing ground plant material. The system prepares each tube individually and dispenses these into an MTP well plate or output tubes. The system’s powder feeding and output parameters are definable, which allows for the configuration of the system for a range of different plant materials.


  • Automatic preparation of tubes and feeding of plant sample.
  • Output into Sarsdedt tubes or MTP plates.
  • Definable target weights and tolerances.
  • Proven accuracy +/- 0.3MG.
  • Throughout – Dispensing 2mg into a 96 position well plate in under 4 hours.
  • Options to upgrade the system to include Capping and grinding modules.
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