Semi-Automated Vial Packaging and Labelling System    :  Vial processing system for an Irish laboratory to increase production rate

Semi-Automated Vial Packaging and Labelling System

In the middle of 2016, Labman installed and commissioned a semi-automated vial processing system to a laboratory in Ireland to increase the production rate of packaging enzyme assay kits.

The system is designed to handle four different types of vials, performing customisable dispensing, bunging, capping and labelling. It is operated by a single user, who is responsible for loading empty vials and additional consumables and removing processed vials.

The system dispensed product to a +/-2% (by volume) tolerance in the range of 0.5ml to 50ml with an average throughput of 420 vials per hour. Vials are check weighed at a user specified interval before being bunged, capped and then labelled with the manufactures product label. Alternatively, the product can be prepared for freeze drying, with an appropriate bung applied.

The system features automatic dispense calibration to maintain the dispense tolerance throughout the process run, minimising system downtime or the need for offline calibration checks. It also has the ability to dispense a wide array of fluids, which are independently calibrated and catalogued within the system.


  • Compatible with 4 vial types
  • Fully customisable dispense, sealing, capping and printing parameters
  • Average throughput of 420 vials/hour
  • Dispense tolerance of +/- 2% on volumes between 0.5 and 50ml
  • Automatic dispense calibration
  • Rapid change over of custom hardware for different vial types
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