Vial Weighing System    :  A fully-automated, simple-to-operate, benchtop vial weighing system.

The Labman Vial Weighing System makes the process of tare weighing and weighing vials a simple and efficient operation. Enclosed in a compact benchtop unit, the vial weighing technology is fully automated, allowing the user simply to load racks of vials and press start.

Each vial is barcoded, retains a history of weights and sample location information. Up to ten consecutive weighing steps can be performed for the same vial, and the data, including calculated differences between weights, is exported to an easy-to-read Excel file.

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  • Handling of multiple vial & rack types
  • Typical capacity of 288 1 Dram vials
  • Barcode reading
  • Easy-to-use, touchscreen interface & software
  • Simple start-stop automated operation
  • Intelligent vial weighing & taring, with sample location data
  • Auto balance calibration and check weighing prior to starting a run
  • Ability to output weight data at any time during operation
  • Handheld barcode scanner for registering racks into the system
  • Easy export to Excel, including difference between weights data
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