Optical Coatings System

Bespoke automated system that measures and assesses the optical characteristics and average thickness of coating samples

Vial Weighing System

A fully-automated, simple-to-operate, benchtop vial weighing system.

Automated Gasses and Liquids Mixing System

An automated system that controls the flow of liquids and salts to a spectrometer.

Benchtop Powder Feeding System for Biomass Preparation

A benchtop system developed for weighing extremely precise measurements of plant biomass.

Online Analysis & Sub-Sampling System

A fully automated online analysis and sub-sampling robot, delivered to PUB of Singapore.

Automated Light Transmission System

A system for the centre for process innovation in Sedgefield for measuring the turbidity of samples in vials

High Throughput Powder Dispensing (Flux Weighing) System

A flux dispensing system capable of high throughput and long-term reliable performance

Semi-Automated Vial Packaging and Labelling System

Vial processing system for an Irish laboratory to increase production rate

Advanced Formulation System

High throughput liquids and powder formulation with online measurement and temperature control

Fraction collector and sample re-formatting system

Upgrade to a system first commissioned in 2002

Automated seed dispensing system

High throughput system for ABRC @ Ohio State University

Semi-Automated Vial Filling, Sealing, Capping and Printing System

Vial processing system for UK Laboratory to increase production rate

Mixing Formulation Module

Portable module for liquid formulation mixing and live properties measurement

Oil Dilution System

Dilutes oil samples to specified oil dilution factors

BOD Incubator System

Stand alone BOD incubator

Paint application and testing system

repetitive testing allowing for accurate results and improved data consistency

Automated Coatings Formulation and Testing System

Total control of testing regimes, producing a flexible system able to adapt to the changing requirements of R&D.

Plant Grinding and Preparation System

Three systems installed at Aberystwyth University Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS)

Cryogenic Plant Grinder and Dispensing System

The cryogenic grinder system is an automated plant sample grinding and dispensing system

Automated Metabolite Extraction System

The world’s first fully automated metabolite extraction system .

Food Contamination Analysis System

Automated system for the identification and source tracking of fungal contamination in food production.

High throughput vial filling, capping and packaging system

The system is designed to fill, cap and package around 20000 vials per day.

Data Acquisition System

Monitor and log data from your sensors

Biomass Grinding and Dispensing System

INRA high throughput system for wood tissue analysis

Pot Dosing and Capping System

National Milk Records High Throughput System

BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)

Benchtop BOD testing system

Aquakem Loading System

High Throughput Loading Robot for a Thermo Aquakem

Max Planck Cryogenic Plant Grinding & Feeding

The world's first cryogenic plant grinding and feeding system

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