TIDAS 4 launched at European Coatings show 2013

Ian Riley Exhibitions, Labman News

After a busy period of preparation and planning the European Coatings show was finally here. Labman took the opportunity to officially launch TIDAS 4, the fourth generation of our automated dispersion assessment system. The system automates the manual Hegman gauge, fineness of grind test, also known as a grindometer test.

TIDAS 4 brings a number of technical advancements and reduced system size, while maintaining the simplicity of operation associated with previous TIDAS versions. Improvements include:

  • New control electronics, allowing compatibility with all windows operating systems (32 and 64 bit).
  • The halogen light source has been replaced by a low energy, long lasting LED
  • The camera has been updated to provide double the resolution
  • Overall system length has been reduced by 50mm
  • The control interface is now over Ethernet and not USB, improving reliability

TIDAS 4 has been in operation within Labman for a number of months. We have been thoroughly testing reliability and crucially equivalence with previous versions. Testing necessarily takes a long time due to the huge variety of samples analysed by TIDAS’ owners, from pigmented solutions to resins, TiO2 slurries to clear coats, solvent and water based samples.

The interest in TIDAS 4 was great during the coating show from both TIDAS veterans and people new to TIDAS. The live demonstrations proved particularly popular, unfortunately we could not satisfy the visitors who wanted to take a system home with them on the day!

Also shown at the exhibition was Labman’s new demonstration unit which simulates the integration of a Speedmixer DAC (Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge) into an automated system.  Labman have worked with Hauschild and its Speedmixer range for a number of years in a technical capacity, with DAC mixers being integrated in a number of our high throughput formulation systems. This exhibition excitingly is the first time both companies have co-operated in a sales capacity, a relationship which looks sure to grow.

All in the all the show was great for Labman, meeting a number of new potential customers; It was also good to catch up with some of Labman’s older customers and friends.