TIDAS at Coating Korea 2017    

TIDAS at Coating Korea 2017

We’re excited to announce that Labman’s distribution partner in South Korea, BLTec, are exhibiting TIDAS, our automated fineness of grind system, at Coatings Korea this week. The show, which runs for three days from the 29th to the 31st March, attracts exhibitors and visitors from across the world and runs in the amazing Songdo Convensia in Incheon, North East Korea. If you are planning to visit the show, you can find BLTec at stand G215 – they will be happy to give you a demonstration of TIDAS’s amazing capabilities.

Songdo Convensia Labman Automation

TIDAS automates fineness of grind testing, removing operator variation and ensuring easily reproducible results when testing samples. Originally developed with Huntsman, and now in its fourth version, TIDAS operates in the vast majority of the major paint and coatings manufacturers right across the world. It works with a wide range of samples and grind gauges, and features super sharp imaging, which is interrogated by a custom algorithm to generate a sample rating.

TIDAS Automated Fineness of Grind Hegman Gauge

Our presence at this year’s Coatings Korea exhibition highlights TIDAS’s ever growing global reach and importance in the world of coatings. Find out more about TIDAS now.

Labman Coatin Korea TIDAS

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